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on a mission

Jakob Kupferberg was bound to make music that captures our shared human story.


At several points along his journey, the Danish-born, London-based singer-songwriter could have turned to his songs as a funnel for his angst. But Jakob has always been in pursuit of something beyond his circumstance.


 In both his professional/academic career, Jakob has carved out a niche for himself at the nexus of migrant rights, climate change and mental health. His greatest gift, though, might be his knack for distilling layers of history and meaning down to catchy folk-pop gems. 


 Listen closely to his songs and it soon becomes clear that Jakob is an artist who is keenly attuned to how broader historical currents express themselves in the mundane. 


Jakob's latest release Sweet Surrender showcases his knack for infusing ‘90s alternative influences with a rustic, earthy touch, creating a singular blend of folk, rock, pop and traditional roots music.